The Hail Marys are music veterans of the SF Bay Area music scene and were founded in 1993 by lead singer Jackie Strano. The band has played and toured  coast to coast from The Fillmore and Slim’s in SF to CBGB’s in NYC. Regular fixtures at The Paradise Lounge, DNA, and Pound SF as well as legendary venues like Satyricon in Portland, The Off Ramp in Seattle and Al’s Bar in LA, The Hail Marys’ songs are featured in soundtracks as well. After the song Hopeless Faith (co-written with Strano by original line up members Peter Hudson and Chris Dean) was featured on the soundtrack of BOUND (The Wachowskis of Matrix and Cloud Atlas fame), the popularity of the band increased. During the quintessential queer years The Hail Marys featured the most well-known line up of the band: Veronica Savage on bass, Debbie Torrey on lead guitar and Pyke Barber on drums. Their indie-produced albums are centered around Jackie Strano and Debbie Torrey’s songwriting. When playing live, the 4 of them together produce a sonorous cohesion that packs an emotionally raw fervent punch.

Opening for such notables as X, Cyndi Lauper, and LA Guns, The Hail Marys were also featured in Override, a short narrative film by LIsa Ginsberg that played the International Film Festival Circuit and in Radical Harmonies, a Sundance Select 2003 documentary on the history of the women’s music movement from 1970’s to present day. Jackie, Debbie, Veronica, and Pyke never really broke up they just stopped playing together for a while as they ventured into parenthood, and sadly separate towns. When they resumed performing, each joined and/or created new projects and bands.